Monday, February 28, 2011

Webster's Pages kits

Hi yall!  I am putting together a couple of kits using the Webster's Pages Lines! As yall know I just LOVE Webster's so am having a real hard time deciding which lines to make the kits in! I know One will be using the 6x6 Spring Market/Country Estate/Yacht Club and I was going to put a set of the 12x12 with it but I am so torn between Spring Market and Country Estate for that part of it so am putting it to a vote! Which would you rather have?

Petite Papers PaperPad Petite Papers PaperPad

The other set will inclue the 6x6 Ladies&Gents/Trend setters and I am leaning toward the Ladies&Gents 12x12 in that but would like your opinion on it. Tell me what ya think! Or if you don't think the 6x6 and 12x12 should be included in the same kit let me know! Tell me what yall would like to see!
You can go to to see the whole line! While you are there you might want to click on Inspire me and become a member!  Some awesome beautiful work going on at that site!  and it is Free to join!
I can't wait to get these kits up so make your remarks soon!


  1. Hey Barbara,
    I like country Estates and the ladies and gents. They are both very pretty. It appears that the country estates has 8 double sided papers to that set.. Unless I am not seeing things right. I can see how it is hard to decide on these sets. But since we are only choosing one, I lean more to the ladies and gents because I feel like it is more versatile for me. It would be more easy for me to use that set. Lots of options with it.
    Hope everyone gets there vote in soon! :)
    Love you!

  2. Love all Webster's Page lines, but my first choice this Spring is Country Estate, second is Market. Good luck deciding. Molly D.

  3. Hi Barbara! Spring Market would be my first choice. However, it will probably be out of my price range once the shipping is added in, so you might not want to take my vote into account!...Nancy :o)

  4. Nancy your voice counts! Thank you so much for your support. It means a lot. Thank you!

    Thanks Molly and Lynn your opinion is marked as well ;o)

  5. Ladies and gents I love. Ana

  6. Thanks Ana! I know that line is so pretty! lol as I said I have had a hard time deciding! Thanks for the vote!

  7. Barbara, I love them all! So, whatever line you choose will be fantastic! I would have to say that Country Estates is probably my very first choice, but like I said there is no loser in this vote! lol! Hugs, Cheryl

  8. Thanks Cheryl! So far the standings is Country Estate 3 votes Spring Market 2 votes, and Ladies and Gents 2 votes! Hopefully we will get some more votes today before I close it out!

  9. Sorry being so slow to post....Love the new Websters....Ladies and Gents I love! lol
    But....all the Websters papers are so nice!
    I love this new store site look and blog!
    Happy Sunday....

  10. I have decided to do THREE! Spring Market will be the first ONE Look for it next week on Happy Monday's Special!!!!