Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Happy May Everyone!

Well, I started the month off just right having computer/browser/security lol problems! But not to worry! I am back! for how long is any ones guess lol. But here is the contest I wanted to do for this month.
With Summer just around the corner I have a summer challenge! The guide lines are as follows:

Theme: Summer
Mini Type Album This dose not mean it has to be in mini album format. It can be a box mini, a book mini, what ever you imagination can come up with mini, but it must consist of at least 4 pages.

It must consist of at least 5 miniatures (can not be 1 type like 5 flowers) items that you make. ie.. sand box, pail, swing, etc.

Must be submitted by May 31st. Finale voting day ends June 3rd Winner announced June 4th.

I will be working this week to get the link area set up with a voiting poll.  Have a wonderful time and hope you all enter!  There is going to be some wonderful Prizes!!!!