Friday, April 22, 2011

Free Shipping VS 20-30% Off Retail

I just don't understand why people are going to places and paying full price for things you can get at my store for 20%-35% off of. It truly blew my mind a few weeks back when I saw someone who followed me do a haul where she paid full price for the items she purchased and every single one of them was in my store for 20% and more off. The place she purchased them from gave free shipping after $50.00 and I am sure she spent at least that. I added up the things she purchased, retail against my store. Even with the free shipping she paid more at the other place than she would have at my store including the shipping. Do people hate paying shipping to the point that they would pay more for products if they can get free shipping even though it is costing them more?

Over to the left I have a poll. Please take the time to do it. I am considering changing the way I run my store because I have been told that free shipping is the way to go and I would like yall's input.
Thank you so much

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  1. Personally, I love both! I know the bottom line is that people hate to pay shipping and like to receive a discount. I am one of those gals. I hate to pay shipping.

    There is a certain place I purchase items from and they offer a discount and free shipping after $35.00. I love that. I know some have higher over-head cost, but people will go where the higher discounts are.

    I know that every time I go to Hobby Lobby and they have an internet coupon, I will print at least four/40% off coupons. I have my kids come with, give them cash to purchase my item and then of course, I use one too. Hence, that is why I print off four of them.

    I don't think it is anything personal. Now days people are all about saving money. I don't think they are as worried about being loyal, as in the past. That is my personal opinion from what I observe every where. Make sense?

    Have a great day, Barbara and a Blessed Easter.